• To create awareness of Optometry as an independent Eye and Vision Care Profession amongst the Indian Society.
  • To assist educational institutions and or individuals for improving the standard of the education of Optometry in India.
  • To conduct and organize Conferences, Seminars and Update courses on Optometry and related topics.
    To co-operate and affiliate with allied Associations in India and abroad to achieve common goals in betterment of Optometry in India.
  • We define and help to implement the Common minimum curriculum for Degree programs of Optometry in India.
  • To work in close association with Ophthalmologist & Ophthalmic profession, eye care centers, eye hospitals, Optical industry so that Optometry education and profession is benefited.
  • To execute or undertake all acts, projects and schemes that may be deemed necessary or expedient for all or any of the above said Aims.
  • Nagar School of Optometry is one of the best graded optometry school in India by ASCO considering academic, administration, infrastructure, etc.